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Shooting birds (photo: Annie Morrissette)

Shooting birds (photo: Annie Morrissette)

About me

My passion for photography started when I took a class in college back in the 90's.  It helped me grasp the basic concepts such as light, depth of field and composition through a series of assignments shooting black and white film.  I had to develop and print my own work in the dark room, something that's becoming a lost art.

Why sports photography and not studio work? While studying bioengineering I got to shoot sports photos for my university and loved the challenge. Over the years, my family has been involved in various sports and I had many opportunities to shoot in different conditions. I will shoot other venues and will do some studio work every now and then but my passion is action photography.


While I share lots of pictures on this website, event photos are available on the webstore (this link will open in a new window). I offer digital downloads in two formats, the smallest can be used to get standard prints (5x7) while the higher resolution is suitable for larger prints (16x20). Please note that digital prints are sold for personal use only, they cannot be redistributed, published or used for commercial purposes. I retain all rights to the digital prints.


If you have any question or comment, or if you would like to use some of my work please fill out the contact form bellow.

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